Hardworking men and women across the 45th District deserve a living wage and paid sick leave. The formerly incarcerated, having already paid their debts to society, still face barriers to steady employment and stand in need of a second chance. We must work to build an inclusive economic model that lifts up our entire District.


Stephanie will work with stakeholders from all levels of government to get our children the resources they need. In Annapolis, it is critical that we have a delegation that inspires faith in Baltimore City's efforts to update our school infrastructure, innovate instruction and advance opportunity for all children.

Public Safety

Stephanie knows supporting policies that reduce poverty and improve education for our youth is fundamental to improving public safety. That's why she'll advocate for youth engagement funding as well as improved training/resources for community policing.


Communities need environmentally-sound, affordable and high-quality public transit to better participate in our economy. That's why Stephanie will work with regional stakeholders to gain support for expanded high-quality transit options.




Friends of Stephanie Smith | Authority: Raymond Card, Treasurer